The Photographer


“I’m Carla Brito and i’m 32 years old.
Daughter of Portuguese emigrants in Germany,
i’m a Portuguese born in the country of sausages.
When I started to walk, the family moved to a small town in the mountains in Portugal.
When i was 18, I moved to Lisbon, where i joined the University and graduated in Electrical Engineering.
I started working, and in 2015 I decided to explore an international professional career.
I moved to Grenoble (France) in February 2015 where I currently live and work.
The passion for photography was born the same day as me.
Amateur photographer, I have a special interest for night photography,
but i don’t define myself in just one photographic style.
I like challenges and photography is a constant challenge.
In my personal page you can view other photographic works done by me:”

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