The Project


“The Ring Portraits Project was born at the end of 2014.
It has two goals and is the result of a passion and a change.

As photography lover, I wanted to do something different for me.
Increase the level of my photographic work.
Think, challenge me, plan, prepare, implement, improve, continue implementing and challenge me again.

On the other hand, take advantage of the fact that I was preparing the bags to change my life, my work, my city and my country.
In September 2014, after a visit to Grenoble in 3 days, I immediately realized the cultural diversity in the city.
Here it began to emerge the idea to show the difference of cultures, nationalities and styles.

So, the first goal and the first step of the project is: “My first year in Grenoble”.
Photograph the people during my first year as an emigrant in Grenoble and show the diversity in the city.
I arrived to the city in February 2015 and started shooting in March.
During this year I walked through the city streets, I inquired hundreds of unknown people, talked to them about the project and asked them if they would like to participate.

—> March 2015 – March 2016 <—
—> 1 year, 366 days, 366 photos, more than 366 people <—

During this year also, I thought to rise the level of the project.
After finishing the first goal, I throw myself in a second goal and open a new step to the project.
This one, endless: Shooting and show nationalities, cultures and styles in all cities/countries where I spend the next few years.
Shoot as many different people i can.

A risky challenge?
Yes! But it’s what I like!

All images of the project are taken with a full-frame camera (Canon 5DIII) and a fisheye lens (Canon 8-15 Fisheye) in focal length 8mm.
The combination of this camera with this lens give us circular images – ring -, from where was born the project name.
The fisheye lens give us a bigger view of the subject and surroundings (180 degrees), and the effect caused by the distortion provides us with funny images.

All the people presented in the images authorized being photographed and the publication of their image.

I would like to thank you for all contributions of the first step, which provided that the first goal of the project was finished.
Thank you so much to all!”

Carla Brito